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Bean and Sabine Romance?

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Does anyone else think that there might have been(!) a chance of romance between Bean and Sabine? 

I know Bean always wipes away kisses, but he did previously have a girlfriend Irma in the TV series. Also Sabine doesn't seem to mind his quirks too much, she may get mildly annoyed with him on a couple of occasions, but she clearly likes being around him and is grateful for what he does for her such as driving her to Cannes and getting her a starring role in Carson Clay's movie. She also seems to like how fun he is and the happiness he brings to people, judging by her reaction in the service station when he's dancing with Stepan and the buskers. At the end of the film premiere, she looks a little upset by the fact that Bean isn't there and is looking all around for him. 

I know it would probably never happen on screen as it might limit the character and I don't think they would have a full blown romance as that's just not him (maybe it's not her either, so it might work in that way), but I think they are a couple of well suited characters, what with Sabine having her own quirks as well and appreciating what he does for her. 

Topic starter Posted : 27/01/2019 3:46 pm
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It's an interesting thought. I think the line at the end of Carson Clay's film about the love of friendship is the film makers showing they were friends with a strong bond. But when Mr. Bean wakes up on the village movie set, he appears to look at her as a vision of beauty and yes, in certain scenes she does give him certain looks that she likes him a lot. There's definitely love between them, even if it's the love of friendship rather than romance but I do think they at least complement each other as great companions. 

Posted : 28/01/2019 3:10 pm

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