Escalator Scene in Carson Clay’s Playback Time

21 Jun 2023

The escalator scene appearing in Carson Clay’s PLAYBACK TIME movie within Mr Bean’s Holiday can finally be revealed as Heron Quays station in London. This was one of the most difficult Mr Bean’s Holiday locations to find so far, but thanks to a visitor to our site; Harry1234, he was able to reveal the location, which I am extremely grateful for.

Carson Clay premieres his new movie PLAYBACK TIME at the Cannes film festival and the famous escalator scene appears at the start of it. During the opening credits scene of PLAYBACK TIME, we see Carson Clay looking in to the camera while riding up the escalator. The escalator takes passengers up to the platform at Heron Quays station on the Dockland’s Light Railway (DLR) in London. Heron Quays is close to the Royal Victoria footbridge, which also appears in Playback Time.

Opening Scene of Playback Time in Mr Bean's Holiday with Carson Clay riding the escalator - text on screen says CARSON CLAY PICTURES present

Opening Scene of PLAYBACK TIME in Mr Bean’s Holiday with Carson Clay riding the escalator located at Heron Quays DLR station.


Willem DaFoe as CARSON CLAY on the escalator in Playback Time


The escalator ride continues - in a CARSON CLAY production

in a CARSON CLAY production…

Carson Clay nearly at the top of the escalator at Heron Quays DLR station, the text reads "of a CARSON CLAY film"

of a CARSON CLAY film…

Willem DaFoe on the Heron Quays escalator with the screen text reading the title of the film - "PLAYBACK TIME"


Looking up the Heron Quays escalator near the top from behind Carson Clay

Near the top of the Heron Quays escalator looking up

Carson Clay on Heron Quays station platform leaving the escalator.

Carson Clay on the platform at Heron Quays DLR station, leaving the top of the escalator.

The Docklands Light Railway

The DLR is an automated light metro system serving the Docklands area of East London. One of the key features of the DLR is that it is driverless, with trains running entirely by a computer system. The trains are built to be lightweight and environmentally friendly, running on electricity and emitting very little noise or pollution compared to traditional diesel trains. It is the busiest light railway network in the UK, carrying an estimated 122 million passengers in 2019.

The railway covers a total of 38km, serving 45 stations and linking the Docklands to other major transport hubs in the capital. It was opened in 1987 in response to the UK government’s decision to redevelop the Docklands area of East London. The aim was to regenerate an area that had been in decline since the 1960s while creating new jobs and homes.


Heron Quays Station

Heron Quays was among the first stations to be built on the DLR in 1987 and later reopened in December 2002 after being rebuilt. The station was built on a former wharf and was designed to serve workers coming to the new financial district that was being developed in Canary Wharf. The Station plays an important role in the transportation network of London and is a key gateway to Canary Wharf. It provides a convenient connection to the rest of London and major destinations in the southeast of England via the DLR.

The station’s architecture reflects the industrial heritage of the area while also incorporating a modern and functional design. Glass and steel were used to create a bright and open station with platforms on both sides of the track, providing ample space for passengers.

Since its opening, Heron Quays Station has become a key transportation hub in the capital, with convenient access to the city. The station is connected to other major transport links, including the London Underground and bus networks.

Heron Quays DLR Station

The escalator scene in Carson Clay’s Playback Time movie was filmed here.


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