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Mr. Bean Hitches A Ride

3 Feb 2019

The scene where Mr. Bean tries to hitch a ride was filmed on a stretch of the D927 road south-west of the village of Cormainville in Northern France.

For a similar view of the road as seen in the film, view the location in Google Maps Street View in May 2011. In this view, the sunshine makes it bright enough so you can just about see a water tower where the road meets the horizon, this water tower is seen in the background when the man on the VéloSoleX first appears in the distance. A closer image of the water tower can be seen on Street View.

Mr. Bean hitches a ride.

The location where Mr. Bean hitches a ride as seen on Google Street View.

The VéloSoleX appears on the horizon with the Cormainville water tower nearby.

The Cormainville water tower as seen on Google Street view.

The shed Mr. Bean gets locked inside appears to be a prop as it does not appear on Google Street View. Also in the film, we see a road side marker near Mr. Bean that says that the road is the D67 so I’m sure this is a prop as this road isn’t the D67, plus there’s no sign of it on Street View either.

Additionally, you’ll notice in the Street View images there are wind turbines on the horizon, but they don’t appear in the film. Apparently the Cormainville wind farm was commissioned in November 2006 whereas the movie was filmed shortly before in May 2006.

Mr. Bean Hitches A Ride

D927, Cormainville, France

View on Google Street View

Bean Meets Sabine

D176, Oppède, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

View Bean Meets Sabine Location Details

Discovered any more location details or want to see any others? Let me know in the comments below.


    • Admin

      Thanks for posting Sofyan! Another nice location from Mr. Bean’s Holiday seen during the bike chase.

  1. Mostak

    Was all the mustard plant in behind fake?? Or real

    • Admin

      I can’t find any photos from filming but it looks real.

    • Joshua Montesor

      I finally found this location (from Philippines)


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