Mr Bean Screensaver

Mr. Bean's Holiday Screensaver

It appears there were three Mr. Bean’s Holiday screensavers on the official site for both PC and Mac: Falling Bean Screensaver, Video Screensaver and one simply titled Screensaver. Unfortunately the links no longer work, however I was able to retrieve a copy of the Video Screensaver for PC only (sorry Mac users), also I can confirm that yes, as of 2020 it does work on Windows 10.

The screensaver contains two video sequences of Mr. Bean having fun inside your computer screen. There is sound, but you can mute this in the settings if need be.

Mr Bean Screensaver Videos

Preview the Mr Bean’s Holiday Screensaver in these two sample videos.

The first, sees Mr Bean wandering around inside your computer screen, looking quite intrigued by the whole thing. The second vdeo shows the part of the screensaver where Mr Bean dances to Shaggy’s Boombastic (admit it, that’s the part you mainly want the screensaver for isn’t it?).


  1. Lloyd

    Play both videos at the same time…makes a cool music video lol

    • Admin

      Ha ha! That works very well 🙂

  2. Kev

    Is it possible to get just the videos without the title logo at the beginning?

    • Admin

      I recorded the footage from the screensaver so it has the logo on there already. If you want, I can try and edit the logo out.

      Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

    • Admin

      It’s cool isn’t it!


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