The Church Raffle

21 Feb 2020

The first scene in Mr. Bean’s Holiday shows the exterior of a London church on a rainy day in June. The church tower is covered in scaffolding. Outside the church, a fundraising thermometer indicates funds raised so far for the St. Barnabas Roof Appeal. In fact, the full, real-life name of the church is The Most Holy Trinity with St. Barnabas. It’s located on Hartland Road, Camden Town, London.

The church tower under repair

Outside the church

Mr. Bean parks outside the church

St. Barnabas church tower as seen on Google Street View

Outside St. Barnabas church on Google Street View

The church on the corner of Hartland Road and Clarence Way

The church raffle scene in Mr. Bean’s Holiday is also the real-life interior of St. Barnabas church.

St. Barnabas Church


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