23 Jan 2019

Movie Clips

A selection of video clips from Mr. Bean’s Holiday. What’s your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

Seafood Dinner

Funny Faces

Mr. Bombastic

Bike Ride

Stealing the Scooter

Bean Sabine

Sleepy Driving

Bean in Disguise

Bean’s Movie Premiere

Bean at the Beach

Other Videos

A selection of other Mr. Bean’s Holiday related videos.

Mr. Bean’s Holiday Screensaver – Part 1

Mr. Bean’s Holiday Screensaver – Part 2 (Boombastic)

Mr. Bean as James Bond 007

What if, after the success of his appearance in Carson Clay’s Playback Time (A film by Carson Clay, also starring Carson Clay etc…) at the Cannes Film Festival, Mr. Bean was offered the chance to screen test for the role of a certain secret agent?


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